New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020


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Sep 2018
Also another one Victas V>3.
It has 42.5 hardness. Haven’t got around to reading the characteristics but they haven’t written much.

Victas Dyna 5 series:
Hard, Soft, Carbon and Nirmal Dyna Five.

Also a liam pitchford blade.

And a Mattias Falco Blade from yasaka

All but Yasaka Falck are mentioned on Page 4. Yasaka Falck will most likely be announced during the next week.
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Well I hope we wont need to boost the Omega VII China rubbers either. Hope their tension effect is enough

Omega 7 rubbers are boosted from the factory like any other new ESN rubbers.
With the Virus, I think a lot of rubber and blwde releases will be affected and delayed.

I agree Yogi. I will say though that TT11 has been fast as usual with shipping here to the USA. I placed an order Monday last week and lo and behold it came 3 days later (as usual) on Thursday. Thank God they are still shipping out products. As well as DHL EXPRESS.

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Oct 2019
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Ssomething a little bit harder in the spinge and spinnier.
Sping remynd me of
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