New member of the Sanwei 75 series, RED arylate carbon. What do you think?

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Apr 2023
Guys, tongmu is hanyu pinyi (phonics in Chinese) which translate to Paulownia (aka kiri)
Guys, I'm not an expert, I just checked the web. So, for what it's worth:

Tung (Chinese tong) aka China oil tree, aka Vernicia fordii, native to China and Burma, belongs to the spurge family Euphorbiaceae of herbs, shrubs and trees, it is poisonous incl. its flowers and fruits (nuts) and used to extract tung oil. It has several relatives, like mu tree, Japan wood oil tree, but no kiri in that list.

Kiri, aka Japanese Empress tree, belongs to Paulownia family, native to Japan and Korea, it's not poisonous, it's resin- and odorless. It's the tree symbol of the Japanese Imperial house and known as one of the fastest growing trees on Earth.

Hanyu Pinyin is not a tree, it is the name for Chinese Phonetic Alphabet.

This is kiri tree blossom
kiri-tree flowers.jpeg

This is tung
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Nobody tried?
It seems, nobody (who already read this topic), yet. BUT... there is one, which I have already assembled today.

Probably somewhat lighter than the average, but my sample was weighing just 79.4g, but had a bounce frequency of 1564 Hz, so pretty stiff/fast, as we would expect from what it looks like (composite is right under the Koto ply with "just average" thickness). General quality is pretty good (wood ply thicknesses are even), but the handle was a little bit misaligned.

So, I decided to mount a pair of DHS Hurricane 3 Neo (39°, 2.2mm sponge) from my drawer, and I'll tell about my experiences, once I will have a proper test session with it.
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I had about a hour with the 75.1 Red ALC + DHS H3 Neo pair. To say the least, I had to be extra careful about my posture, because with this blade, the H3's arcs were much lower than usual - probably because the red ALC fiber added a lot of speed into my shots.

I felt the rubbers hard to control in the first half - it was difficult to dose low power shots - maybe because I should play with it more in order to break them in properly, so the control would improve.

So for now, I don't have really meaningful comparisons, but I do believe, that this blade is top end Off (almost Off+).
Interestingly, I received two more 75.1 Red ALCs, and both weight more than the first I received (85.4 and 83.9g), and also have lower ball bounce frequency (1452 Hz and 1500 Hz).

I will need to evaluate the low impact shots with another rubbers, but anything slightly above low, the fiber effect kicks in really soon, and add a lots of speed - only the Yinhe T8S is faster than this blade (from the blades I already know).

Dwell time is not really great, but not too bad either, just I need to make sure, that I stay conscious about my posture and footwork (thus I can go for more powerful loops), as this blade doesn't seem to forget even smaller errors - but my smashes with H3 Neo were got to a level I didn't experience before, and my long pushes were also painful to my opponent (if I didn't overshoot them with a length of more than half a table on "panicky" shots 😅 ).
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