New Table Tennis Ball (REVIEW)

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Sep 2013
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I heard that the plastic ball already had patents on it so they were restricted in their plans to begin production, as far as I'm aware the plastic ball won't be released in 2014.

I heard the same thing.

Huge battle going on, and for "time to market", things are very delayed for 1 July 2014.
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Jul 2014
Hey everyone - having now had a go with the latest version (July 2014) of the Tibhar 40+ plastic ball, i have to say that my experience was very very confusing. First and foremost yes the ball spins allot less. But more interestingly you can get a good amount of spin, but by the time it has reached your opponent the spin is much less than with our traditional balls. I found my self having to play as if i was playing an antispin player. Instead of the ball returning with spin it returned to me like a floated ball, and this meant i had to hit through the ball more, or if I wanted to add more spin i had to change my stroke to more of an upwards and forwards movement. Everything i have tried to get out of my game, i found myself having to redeploy some of my older moves to make an impact on the game (hence my confusion). It took a while to get used to, but I would have to say it will change our game and create a far longer rally. I can see a lot of players giving up the sport as you will need to be much much fitter to play at a higher level, as each game moves along you will find yourself in a lot more than before. Let's give it a chance, table tennis is a great sport and I can kinda see what the ITTF are trying to do with this new ball, and it's to make TT more appealing and in some ways more entertaining with longer rallies. I play in a league in the UK (Bournemouth) and there is also a lot of buzz mainly negative about this ball, but having now played with it i can see that if I adjust and to be honest i like being in rallies, then I will give it a chance. When you first play with it, just keep in mind that there is going to be less spin but that doesn't mean to say you can't add any, it just means you have to change your stroke slightly and be a little more patient. I'm not sure if this has helped or just confuse, but this was my experience. :)