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Apr 2022
Forum posters should not be answering questions from newbies based on limited information.
Because most often it turns into a matter of posters giving right answers for a wrong question
I think newbies asking personal questions on forums must answer the Newbie questionnaire below first
  1. --
  2. Their age group (Very bad idea to recommend hardbat to a 16 year old & two side boosted inverted for a 60 year old)
  3. Forehand & backhand playing styles
  4. Your approximate rating (if you have one)
  5. How long you have been playing
  6. Do you have a coach or do you plan to get one
  7. Have you had a coach and fired him / her and why
  8. Where do you play ? Such as a club or rec center or school or pro tarining center or bar or in your basement
  9. How long have you had the particular symptom being asked about (more like how long have you sucked at this)
  10. Are you going to be a competitive tournament / league player or exercise player or a competitive player who wants to claim to be an exercise player only when you lose
  11. How many days / hours a week do you play
  12. What other sports / hobbies (or nuisance like your spouse) that may impact your tabletennis
  13. Do you play with your children / relatives (other than of course your annoying spouse)
  14. Any videos (of you playing table tennis that is )
  15. Are you sure you want to waste your time in the most complicated (individual) sport there is ?
  16. Do you realize people will make fun of you behind your back for claiming to be a competitive tabletennis "athlete"

I am sure I missed few more that you can add
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