Nexy Korea CEO Oscar becomes Joo Sae Hyuk's student to learn FH loop vs underspin

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Sep 2011
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Here is a youtube vid I saw (made a few days ago) where Nexy Korea CEO Oscar exposes himself on international stage to learn how to tospin an underspin ball from JSH.

JSH gives some important tips... one is to "Open" the shoulder. Another is to get the racket down and open the blade face... especially on a loop drive. Another is to use the thumb and finger to firm the grip at impact. His big tip is to "take away" power (on backswing and early swing phase) and apply power AT impact. (I think he is really saying stay loose, accelerate, then firm up grip real strong at impact.)

Watch and comment away. I think Oscar is brave showing he is only Korean club average level Div 4 city level. Most CEOs would not want to show any weakness at all.

Something I see as funny is that Oscar (and JSH) sport the latest version of the tiger uniform, but Oscar is wearing Nexy shoes (Petra Plus) that he discontinued over 5 yrs ago. (but I think they were a great shoe - very sturdy and durable/solid)
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Sep 2022
I evaluated the data for the Nexy Joo Sae Hyuk blade (designed for the GOAT of table tennis, Joo Sae Hyuk) to be included in the Defensive Blades & Rubbers Hall of Shame but was not sure if it belongs there (since I have not tested it myself) , though it looks this blade is a failure, since the webpage for this blade as linked above says this product is no longer available.

The blade length of 169 mm is not bad but the blade width of 157 mm is awfully inadequate for a chopper especially classic. The blade length of 169 mm is great for maximizing his top spin on his incredible forehand loops but because of smaller width of 157 mm, I am quite sure the Looper Torture Index
is low because of lack of enough backspin on his chops from either side especially his long pip backhand chops

And for a lower level chopper the bigger width is essential to even get to many balls let alone chop them perfectly like Joo Sae Hyuk

But I love how this NEXY webpage has provided dimensions for this blade clearly with several pictures
One picture shows the blade length & width as well as handle dimensions for each handle type.

Compare this to Sanwei which shows the length as the total length of blade head & handle & not very useful
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Oct 2016
This is why the man started a tabletennisbrand haha 😁
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