Nimbus Delta V

4 out of 5 rating for Nimbus Delta V

Tibhar Nimbus Delta
Weight: 71 grams uncut
Hardness: Medium soft
Speed: OFF
Spin: High

The Tibhar Nimbus Delta and Delta soft will be the last Tibhar rubbers I will review this year. These are traditional German rubbers designed for the plastic balls. The Delta has a white non-porous sponge which is popular among the older generation of tensor based rubbers. The topsheet is similar to other Tibhar rubbers however has a slightly longer pip structure.



In this review I used the Tibhar Nimbus Delta and the ITC XC carbon blade for this test.

The Nimbus Delta had a classic tensor feel during contact. The Delta feels like a medium rubber, similar hardness to the Aurus.

The Delta is a fairly fast rubber but not as fast as modern Tibhar rubbers like MX-P for example. The speed is faster than EL-p but is definately slower than MX-P. The rubber drives very well, and using a plastic ball the rubber combated the ball well. When smashing the ball the Delta rubber had more control rather than speed. The rubber felt suited close to the table.

When generating spin, I would rate the Delta rubber quite low in terms of spin in comparison to the Q or Evolution series. The Nimbus Delta needs a stroke that compresses the ball more on the sponge or hitting through the sponge to produce good spin all because the topsheets are not as grippy compared to the newer generation Tibhar rubbers.

To conclude, the Nimbus Delta has a great amount of control and blocks very well. I could counter well from middle distance to the table. I would recommend this rubber for new players or developing players that use the poly ball. Once you have developed your strokes you should switch to a higher level rubber like the Q series or the Evolution series. The price is good.