Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars 2016

who do you think will win the challenge?

  • Olympic Legends (Wang Liqin, Jörgen Persson, Jean-Michel Saive)

    Votes: 15 65.2%
  • Brazil Stars (Hugo Calderano, Gustavo Tsuboi, Cazuo Matsumoto)

    Votes: 8 34.8%

  • Total voters
2016 Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars,10 Jul 2016 - 10 Jul 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hey guys! I received from ITTF via newsletter today news of a veeeeery exciting (at least for me =P) event that is gonna be held here in Rio, July 10th, 2016.

The event is a preparation for the Olympics, as well as the last official matches prior to the Games!

Matches below

Hugo Calderano (BRA) vs Wang Liqin (CHN)

Matsumoto/Tsuboi (BRA) vs Wang/Persson

Gustavo Tsuboi (BRA) vs Jorgen Persson (SWE)

Hugo Calderano (BRA) vs Jean-Michel Saive (BEL)

Team Line up

Olympic Legends

1) Wang Liqin
2) Jörgen Persson
3) Jean-Michel Saive

Brazil Stars

1) Hugo Calderano
2) Gustavo Tsuboi
3) Cazuo Matsumoto

Promo Video for the spectacular event:

I'm very anxious for this event, in my city, with three of the best players from my country, and also three of the greatest table tennis legends ever!! :D

It's a pity the "Mozart of TT", Waldner, won't be playing this time...:(

Share your thoughts about this!!


Just have confirmed my attendance to the event! I talked with some of the Brazilian Confederation staff guys and also Hugo Calderano, and all of them confirmed me that the tickets will be limited for those who fill an attendance form tha you guys can answer here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10yr8Rq4s2JEj28k7yTOjsQD9unpZS0wjggosn_ST60o/viewform?c=0&w=1

The event will be held in july 10th, and I'll try to take some nice pictures and tell some impressions here about the venue, the matches and the players, if possible!

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Sep 2013
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I foresee a few years back that Brazil and USA will become TT powerhouses in the future
Already they are in the championship division and already have players featuring in top100
Well done to Brazil for getting pass the odds
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Mar 2015
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I believe both Liquin and Persson stand a chance.

Tomokazu Harimoto is a 12 years old teen.

Yeah, when I wrote this I didn't see that match. :D HC has the skill to beat Harimoto but he don't has enough experience. Playing against a 12 years old kid psychologically very hard.
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Aug 2015
I find it strange that they are being called 'Olympic Legends' when only WLQ has an Olympic medal, and none of them reached the Olympic Singles Final in several attempts. Why not 'World Legends' or just 'TT legends'?
Because de Olympics is close haha

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Just got my tickets in hands :p

says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
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Oct 2010
Good news! The Olympic Legends vs Brazil Stars will be LIVE on youtube!

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Nov 2015
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Though i think the Brazilian team has a good chance of winning, I have to contradict myself when the names of Wang Li Qin, Saive and the never give up Jorgen Persson pop up.

It is definitely gonna be very interesting battle :)