Olympics Team for the Chinese National Team?

says Inner Carbon is King
says Inner Carbon is King
Jun 2023
Does anyone know who is playing for the CNT in olympic singles? The problem with having too many world class players is that its difficult to choose between them even when they all would start for any other country. What combination of WCQ, LJK, FZD, ML, LGY would you go for or are the CNT going for? Is there another internal chinese trials to decide? I think its a bit easier for the Team event, playing WCQ, FZD, ML and LJK on the bench. Doubles 2 pairs would probably be WCQ and FZD, ML and LGY. For the women as well i think Sun Yingsha is given but who would join her? A shame the older traditional giants of chen meng and Ma Long might not be playing this one.