Omega V Europe

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5 out of 5 rating for Omega V Europe

This rubber is the best forehand rubber for me. I played Acuda S2 and Tenergy 05 before I tried the Xiom Omega V Europe rubber ( max ).
The rubber has a medium sponge and a medium arc.

Serving: The rubber looks like anti spin rubber but it has so much spin. It is insane. My service is one of my strengths but with this rubber my short service is so good. I have not recognized it at the beginning but after a few Training- and Tournament-games my enemies made so many mistakes and couldn't return my serve.

Blocking: No problem with that but i like to counter topspin if it is possible.

Chop: FH rubber = only topspin, flip or take the return short :)

Short short: was a bit difficult at the beginning but i am totally statisfied now. Problem was the lower arc compared to Acuda S2 and Tenergy 05. Now flicks are easy 4 me.

Tospin: Spin is very good. Easy to lift underspin. The medium sponge can do everything. A soft Topspin with a lot spin and a hard topspin. No Problems here. The ball is hard to block for ur opponent because with this rubber u have always a descent length.

Topspin Topspin: The rubber shines here. I have a good technique i think and i won a lot of rallies in the past with Tenergy or Acuda but now... It feels so good. The catapult comes into play when u hit the ball harder. The medium arc makes it so easy :)

Durability: Changed it after 4 months but the rubber wasn't dead or something. It lost a bit spin and speed but i think it happens to every rubber. I would say the durability is a bit better than Acuda S2 and similar to the Tenergy 05.

It is a very good rubber for attacking-minded players. It has a medium sponge and it is more forgiving than other rubbers but it isn't worse. The speed is really high und the Arc is medium too.
U should really try it. It looks so beautiful :). Swam strength is max. and my blade is Stiga Infinity VPS.

Just ask if u have any questions. I must apologize for my bad english

Regards Chris
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5 out of 5 rating for Omega V Europe

Hi guys !!! This is my best FH rubber that I used and I gonna do some simple reviews of it.

Warming : This rubber is really good. It is great in hitting and FH blocking. But I kind of need extra speed in hitting. To do that you need to hit harder.

Serving : Using 2 of my main serves, reverse underspin pendulum and high toss backspin serves, it was really good. Creates a lot of spin and makes many of my opponents make errors. Using fast serves also good. My fast serves really cast many of my opponents.

Short Play : Also good, but usually leads the ball to the net. Need to get the racket more under neat the ball, but still its good for shorts. When I have the opportunity to do the FH flick, it is spinny, fast and direct with extreme accuracy.

FH Topspin : It is really good. Close and mid from the table. Spinny and have good throw. This is one of the reason I choosed for FH.

BH Topspin : I don't use it for BH Topspinning as well I'm a Penholder with RPB. Well, I use Stiga Airoc Astro S for my RPB.

Blocking : It is very good for Blocking cuz of its speciality that dont even react to spin. Good for FH and BH (not RPB) blocking. I also can do good drop shots.

Counter Attacks : The rubber is very very very very good and excellent for counter attacking. It is a pleasure with this rubber. Very precise and spinny. You can add extra speed with more power.

Loops/Opening Loops : It is good for looping. The first opening loop is easy, if the opponent return the loop, you can do the second killing loop.

Drives/Hitting : Good for hitting, still direct.

Chopping : Alsso good as it doesnt react to incoming spin.

Durability : This is also very good it still acts like a new rubber even used after 4 months.

Well, I recommend this rubber for mix style play that likes to play with power. My setup is Blade : Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive Penhold , FH : This rubber and my BH : Stiga Airoc Astro S

P.S : Sorry for any mistakes on my english.
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Jul 2015
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4 out of 5 rating for Omega V Europe

So I've used Xiom Omega 5 Europe in max thickness on a Nittaku Redshank blade.

Throw angle:
The rubber has a high throw on slow and medium paced shots but on fast strong shots the throw angle lowers. This fact led me to a conclusion that the rubber is good for backhand and not so good for forehand if you hit hard.

Spin on serves is good.
Spin on slow shots is very good. The rubber is great for a nice spinny opening topspin.
Spin on fast loops is OK. Can't say that it's very spinny or not spinny - just OK.

The rubber is medium fast. It's slow on slow shots and not very fast on fast shots (for example Tibhar MX-P is about 30% faster in my opinion)

Just great! :)

What I didn't like:
I didn't like the change of the throw angle on fast killing shots (it just drops and that's why it's pretty hard to loop kill a nicely pushed ball). Again with MX-P a have no such problem for comparison.
After 2 months of regular play (4h a week training + about 2-3hours of free play) it lost a lot of grip (a significant drop in performance).

What I did like:
It's a great rubber for backhand (high throw and medium catapult help a lot here).
It's great for serve in receive - very controlled and very good for opening shots.
The rubber has great control and using passive shots with it is very easy.

All in all it's a great allround rubber with emphasis on spin. It has great control, good spin and medium speed so it's a great weapon for a player that likes to play a controlled tactical game.
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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Omega V Europe

Let me foreshadow this review: in my opinion, the Omega V Euro and Omega V Pro play remarkably similar, with the V Euro being a little bit spinnier and bouncier. Accordingly, I made similar observations. FH flat hits had a tendency to go long. Properly executed FH loops resulted in a nice crisp sound and beautiful arc over the net. Soft, touch-based loops from mid-distance are encouraged over hard loop drives. Opening loops against backspin are easy due to the high throw but it is hard to generate high speed, which makes it possible for the opponent to get into position and attack the slow loop. This rubber is great for BH loops, which are spinny and have a lot of margin over the net. Click for our full review.