Outdoor Table Tennis Table Recommendation

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Jul 2022
I am looking to get an outdoor table tennis table to play in my backyard. I was going to put it over grass. I have do not have the room for an indoor table.
However, while looking at them, the first thing which came to mind is the differences in thickness. I feel that no matter which thickness I go with - 5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm, etc. The tables are too thin and they would not play similar to a "regular" indoor table.
I just went to a store today to look at some Cornilleau tables. I know that so many people swear by them, but aside from all the bells and whistles, I do not understand why. They only had one in stock, the 300X (I wanted to see the high-end ones, but they did not have the 600X which they usually carry in stock), in the back. They allowed me to look at it. It has far too many plastic parts for my taste (for example, the legs as well as the handle to bring it down - and I feel that with repeated plays, even after folding it and covering it after every session, it would wear out - that is in addition to the fact that the table is too thin.
As far as the thickness of outdoor tables, I am amazed that most of the ones which I see are quite thin.
I am also looking at Kettler tables, but I was not able to see one in person. I see that Kettler has some outdoor tables which are 22mm, such as the Outdoor 4, which is a lot thicker - and closer to an indoor table. Does anyone know anything about these?
Why aren't there too many thicker outdoor tables?
Does anyone have a great recommendation for an outdoor table?
Thank you.
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Jun 2022
For regular Indoor tables i would not go below 18mm in table width. Most proper ones got 22mm and above. It does affect how the ball bounces.

Only way I can imagine an outdoor table being different is the material of the surface you're playing on. Probably not that much wood and more plastics or metal of some kind which will impact how the ball bounces.

There is a outdoor table design used by different vendors which is pretty sturdy.

This is the Tibhar 6000w. Other vendors call the same model differently. If you go for an outdoor table, i do recommend that one(from any vendor).

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Aug 2021
I think it's going to be very difficult to get super close to the feel of an indoor table because of the special material and surface treatment that an outdoor table requires to withstand the elements. That being said, unless you're a semi-pro or super-fussy, the experience of playing on the table should be "good enough." I have a lower-end Kettler Axos 2 outdoor table that I bought five years ago and to me it's great to train and play on (I use a robot and rebound boards for solo practice). The bounce is lower than an indoor table's and the ball tends to skid a bit more, but I find that I don't have trouble adjusting when I play in my club.

Since you're in Canada, you might want to call up PingPongDepot and speak to someone there. They're usually very helpful.