Ovtcharov True Carbon

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says TTD Team vs Pongfinity OUT NOW on our YT Channel
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Oct 2010
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says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
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Nov 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

I have been exploring ST handles, and discovered I very much like rounder ST handles (as opposed to the more square ST handles found on TB-ALC, for example). Donic has the shape I like. I also hoped to find a composite blade with a feel as close to my Viscaria as possible. The Donic Ovtcharov True Carbopn out to be what I was looking for, even more so than the ZJK-ALC I had purchased earlier. The True Carbon is a little faster than my Viscaria blades, whereas the ZJK-ALC ST handle blades were a little slower. So, with plastic balls, this is the winner. Mine is 92 grams, and the handle is very slightly larger than that of my ZJK-ALC, and has no sharp angles, and it makes it very easy to change grip between FH and BH shots. The thickness is identical to the Viscaria. I don't know what the composite material is, but it looks exactly like the ALC material in Btfly blades, at least from the side of the blade.

Build quality was perfect. I have read that this blade might be made by Soulspin. From the quality, I think that is certainly possible.

I have been using MX-P on the blade (both sides) because I didn't want to buy two sheets of T05 for a new blade I had never tried before that I might not like. It turns out they go together really well I have played so well with this combination the last two times I played that I think I will stick with it for awhile.
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Dec 2015
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5 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

Sadly I only owned one carbon blade before (TB spirit) which broke about 8 years ago so I can't really compare it to those.

The handle is relatively round which makes it a bit thicker but not uncomfortable to hold even though I don't have the biggest hands. In fact I think it makes it easier to switch between forehand and backhand grip which is very good for my play (I can see why Dima helped designing it).

The blade is quite hard but I am still able to make controllable blocks and slow topspins. I have never been so good at flipping with my BH and never felt such power in my shots. I also got better at the short - short game since it takes less effort than on my previous setup.

It is very well made and has a little Dima picture on the lower back side of the handle.

The first time I had it in my hand I bounced the ball a bit on it and was actually worried about the high tone compared to all wood and a little artificial feeling but most of it fades away while playing (I guess carbon blades always have a little bit different feeling than all wood ones).

Right now I am using Tibhar MX-P on FH and Donic Bluefire JP 02 on backhand.

I bought this blade because of very positive reviews and because of my backhand oriented play like Dimitrij and so far my friends at the club failed to serve spinny enough on my backhand that I couldn't flip. I don't think you can do anything wrong by going for this blade.

All in all, I have never been so confident in my equipment choice before. The true carbon is a rocket, a very controllable rocket.

Note: Was only played using celluloid balls.
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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

The Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon is a great blade for advanced and upwards players with an aggressive and direct game style (think Dima). The blade is probably better suited for European and Japanese rubbers than very hard Chinese rubbers, as the latter result in a numb feeling that I found challenging with FH loops. Beware though, combining the OTC with Tibhar’s Evolution MX-P, Nittaku’s Fastarc G-1 or Xiom’s Omega V Tour will yield a lighting fast setup that will require a very high skill level to master. For those who can wield it, the Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon is a powerful weapon. See our full review here: http://blog.tabletennis11.com/donic-ovtcharov-true-carbon-review
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5 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

My attribute.
A local player in Jakarta Indonesia.
Handle Shakehand.
Right handed.
Blade Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon 87 Gram ST Handle.
Rubber FH Donic Baracuda, BH Rasanter R47

I have been using this blade for about 2 weeks. and before using this I used a blade of viscaria weighing 90 grams FL handle and also used Zhang jike super zlc weighing 90 grams FL handle for about 1 year.

What I feel in terms of control, speed and ease in producing spin compared to viscaria are:
The control is almost as good and this is the power of the blade because its control is high.
Speed is still faster DOTC.
Spin is almost the same, I find it easier to produce spin with heavier weights using DOTC.

With this blade short serve is also easy as well as viscaria, and doing looping is also easy. Indeed this blade is similar to viscaria but its advantages in my opinion is in terms of faster speed and the sensation of hitting the ball in producing spin with a heavier weight of course with the same swing speed and strength.

Blade is made with excellent quality of course its durability also I think will be good and durable, as long as the storage is also good. so I think the endurance will be good and good like the woods I've used.

I highly recommend this wood.
Suitable for arylate carbon lovers who want to feel the sensation of donic blade. This ST handles are also very comfortable and very good, my hands feel fit and do not cause blisters. including light blades that can be combined with a rather heavy rubber.

The quality of manufacture is also very good, smooth and precise, love it!! Only the cardboard does not change, so looks cardboard outdated, less interesting.
High-quality blades and equivalent opponents for Butterfly blade of course with Arylate Carbon, with a very competitive price would certainly be an attractive choice.
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4 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

Τhe racket came in my hands in a nice black with a silver box.
On the back of the package it appears that this blade is one of the fastest woods produced by Donic.
Αfter I removed it from the box, I was really impressed by the quality of construction. the more likely it is not to be made in Sweden. The local dealer told me that it was made in China.
The blade construction is 5+2 plys the top ply is koto and after that is carbon.
Starting to play with the wood immediately can understand that is a very fast blade that comes closest to off + .
The flaired handle seemed a little thin for my taste.

the wood shines in this area , giving a medium throw to the ball you can produce easily massive spin.

You must be very careful cause the blade tends to throw the ball high and far. I think short game is not the strong part of the blade in many cases the blase was uncontrollable.

The large sweet spot and the medium stiffness allowed for good feel when blocking.

The blade is not as hard as most carbon blades like Butterfly Timo Boll ALC or Timo Boll Spirit.

Donic made a great blade for the very well-trained players will yield a lighting fast setup that will require a very high skill level to master.
Many compare Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon with Butterfly Viscaria. OTC is softer ,faster and more difficult to control in short game but it can produce massive spin in spin to spin situation.
A lethal weapon in right hands.
5 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon



It has a sort of a high-pitched sound when you knock on it. It has basically the same tone as the viscaria and the timo boll alc. This means that it is an OFF rated blade. The pitch is also not as high pitched as the Ovtcharov senso no.1.


The blade looks sanded well, and in my opinion, the finish is really nice.


The blade produces a medium high throw angle, when driving, and when you hit hard enough, it produces the characteristic cracking sound of carbon when you hit it hard enough. The blade is suitable for all strokes(except chopping), but at times, it is touchy in the short game(especially with tensors). This blade is very good once you know all the basic strokes. Its stiffness is between the Viscaria and Timo Boll ALC. The blade has good speed and spin quality while still maintaining good control. In my opinion, I like that is not as flexible as the viscaria. It allows me to produce slightly more speed in the close to the table game, and it feels more stable. Its flared handle is smaller than the viscaria, and it allows me to easily transition between forehand and backhand grip.

This blade is compatible with most rubbers, but if I were you, pair it with medium hardness tensors. This gives you confidence in your strokes.
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5 out of 5 rating for Ovtcharov True Carbon

Blades i have used before: Timo Boll ALC, Innerforce ZLC, Rosewood NCT V, Infinty VPS and a bunch of Stiga blades.I found that this blade sutit my playstyle the most. Very similar to Timo Boll ALC but is better with backhand punches, cheaper and in my opinion better looking.