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Will a long pips rubber play differently if you use a glue sheet to attach it to the blade instead of just using glue? Can you tell the difference?

The only way to know for sure is to have 2 identical blades with identical rubber, 1 attached with a glue sheet, and the other just glue.
I personally would love to know the answer. I don't think there is a difference, but I definitely don't have the experience that many here have.

If there is any interest in doing a challenge, I'd be willing to do the following:

1. I'll supply 2 identical blades (Neubauer Titan), with identical rubbers (Grass D.TecS OX) on each blade. Only difference will be one is attached with glue, the other a glue sheet.

2. Each blade will simply be identified with a number on it.

3. I'll send the rackets to a moderator, if there is one interested in participating. He can try the challenge, and have any experienced long pips players in his club test them as well. After which, he can mail the rackets to the next participant.

4. The only thing I ask is that the rackets only be sent to someone you trust, as they aren't cheap ($160 each) and I definitely hope to get them back at the end. :-D

5. The only cost to anyone who wants to participate would be to cover the shipping of the rackets to the next person.

I can perhaps start the challenge here in Florida with PushBlocker and some other locals that are very skilled with long pips.

If you're interested in participating, just say so here. If there is enough interest, I'll get the blades ready.
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Oct 2016
I had friends that used to pushblock with frictionless long pimple and I know that some of them only glued the long pimple rubber on the edge of the rubber. To get more dampening effect perhaps.
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Jul 2017
I have used glue sheets and directly glued my LPs to the paddle.
In theory the glue sheet should provide a little more damping but I bet that no one can really tell the difference.
However, knowing that glue sheets will reduce the spin "reversal" in theory, I prefer not to use glue sheets on my push blocking paddles. My chopping paddle ( Defplay, Rakza 7, TSP PR1 1.4mm ) doesn't need a glue sheet.
I trust the theory.
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Is there supposedly more reversal because the glue sheet is thicker than just applying glue directly on the rubber and blade?

I read somewhere that glue sheets are .05mm thick. I can't find anywhere how thick the combined glue would be that is applied directly on a rubber and blade. Obviously it depends on how thick someone puts it on. But any ideas on how thick it would be if someone put a thin but even coat on both blade and rubber? It just seems to me the difference would be minuscule, but from the replies above, it seems like it could still make a difference.
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