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says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
says Serve, top, edge. Repeat.
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May 2020
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I have a Stiga Azalea Offensive cpen weighing 87g (jttaa version, hence the extreme weight). I have put on it a dawei 388a-4 and a fastarc g1 that I had laying around but are hard to play.

It's a bit heavy too, I've no idea how heavy the g1 is, but the dawei is 51 or 52 grams when cut, it's the 44 degree version, so it's pretty hard, I think it's harder than a 41° hurricane 3, but it's also like 5€, so it's to be expected, it's kind of a rock...

Anyway, it's putting a strain on my wrist but I don't really wanna change the blade, it's really good. I wanna put lighter rubbers and I want something semi tacky or full tacky for the forehand and something very easy and light on the backhand.

I've found the tg2 neo, sky wing iii and super fx.
I'm thinking of the tg2 for the fh and one of the others for the bh. Have any of you played them? What are your experiences? Any other recommendations? I'd like to keep the price low and weight even lower, no more than 30€ combined.

There's also that Xuperman Powerplay-X, what are your thoughts on that one? Is it good or just something cool?

Thanks in advance!
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