Performance P7

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Oct 2010
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5 out of 5 rating for Performance P7

The Adidas P7 comes with a high quality ESN topsheet and sponge. The topsheet is grainy and very grippy and the sponge is orange and porous. The pips are lined closer to each other than the P3 which has a bigger gap on its pips. Its nice for Adidas to include an adhesive plastic cover for the rubber also.

Rubber: Adidas P7
Thickness: 2.2mm or max
Sponge hardness: 38 degrees by DHS scale approx.
Weight: Uncut 172 x 172 mm, 62-64grams; on a 149 x 157 mm Adidas Blade Head blade
head, 47 grams

This rubber was designed and produced with the cooperation of pro and high level Chinese players. For players who do not want to go too far away from the table and those who want to acquire the needed effect on their strokes with the spin of a Chinese rubber and the speed of a Euro rubber this is the rubber for you guys.


The rubber is very bouncy, lively and drives very fast. Driving the ball through the sponge does not bottom out and its effortless to hit the ball because of its long trajectory.

Spinny on the pushes though you need to adjust your angle a little bit because the ball has the tendency to pop at the first few tries but its never a problem.

The spin on my underspin and sidespin serves are very high. Even though the rubber is bouncy, shorts serves are not a problem. Fast, spinless serves are also wonderful with this rubber.


One of the 3 strengths of this rubber is its ability to loop spinny, underspin balls with minimal effort. If your stroke is a brushing stroke with less sponge on contact because you are used to a chinese rubber then you would love the P7. Minus the tackiness of a Chinese rubber but with the same spin, this rubber produces a medium to high arc on loops whether its a fast or slow loop. The spin is amazing and you can feel the ball kick on the racket if you are on the receiving end.

Loop drives, loop kills, spin-drives:

One way to measure a rubber's strength is to check its ability on loop driving the ball above the table, off the bounce or on the rise contact against a low spinny underspin ball that lands almost short on the table. With the P7, if you have the skills you can do this strokes with lesser effort than with a tenergy 05 or 25. As what I have observed on what I was doing and including my coach who taught this stroke was that even if you hit the ball through the sponge when doing loop drives, its still possible to land the ball on the other side. meaning the rubber is very forgiving. on emergency situations like if yo haven't brushed the ball enough and hit more on the sponge, using tenergy 05 or 25 is less forgiving. On the P7, even with hitting through the sponge it still produces a good arc and spin clearing the net about half to 1 inch.


The 3rd characteristic of this rubber that makes it superior to most other modern rubbers is its built also for countering and its very forgiving. Near of mid-distance (about 5-6 feet) away from the table, the power and speed does not diminish.

Near the table and above the table blocking are very controllable yet the ball is very fast on passive block, more so on active blocks.. Punch blocking low fast topspin balls are still quite possible with this rubber.

BH Loops:

Its strange but my backhand loops are spinnier than my fh loops. My bh loops and so does with a friend has a more profound arc and spin.

Overall impressions:

I am super impressed with this rubber for the first 2 days of testing it! This is the controlled or tamed version of the tenzone. Tenzone is still the best rubber Adidas has ever produced but it doesnt mean that its not an awesome rubber, it is at par with tenergy rubbers especially with T25. What I have noticed about this rubber is that you need to have a greater usage of your wrist in doing spins to fully utilize your spin potential using this rubber. Dont get me wrong, its very spinny even with little wrist movements. This rubber takes only a day to break in.


definitely for advanced players or those with good basics. if you want something slower get the 2.0mm. blades that are off+ will still be alright as long as you have the right technique. If you are a pure looper or spinner i suggest you would get an off- minus or off blade like the Adidas C100, C300 or C500 and Adidas Fibertec Power series
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5 out of 5 rating for Performance P7

Insane spin, insane control and perfect speed. Works best with little harder blades, Rosewood, Ebenholz, and the likes...

This rubber also has excellent durability.
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Nov 2014
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5 out of 5 rating for Performance P7

I am using this rubber on bh on my Hurricane Hao III with Tenzone Ultra at fh. ~
Wether speed is a con or not depends a bit on the person and blade. Though thinking the very top players of the world, offensive players might not want to use this just because of it's speed. With that said, in a matter of generating the most spin to it's amount of speed, I don't think a rubber can beat it. As mentioned in the other reviews, it would probably fit the best on a pretty hard bat. I'm using Hao III in my case, which is not beast hard, but I think it's just hard enough to fit the rubber.
P7 is the kind of non-tensor rubber, that trully feels like a really (really, seriously, really) good ordinary rubber. By ordinary, I do not mean ordinary by any means, but when you try it, you will understand what I'm saying. It does obviously not have the tensor feel, nor is it like tenergy and mark v is inferior to this rubber.
Say, if you liked Mark v, and want an upgraded spin/feel wise and a bit faster than the mark v while not being as fast as a Tenergy (but Yogi's explenation might be more accurate, I only have experience with Tenergy 80) and inferior to none in spin capability (while still being pretty insensitive to incomming spin) this is the rubber for you. It also has a lot of gears and I'd say it's the ultimate all rounder. ~ For more detailed info please look at Yogi_bear's review, lol.

- NB: Bought at tt-sport*de on ebay for only 27 gbp (41 usd) with a 7 usd shipping price. 100% genuine.
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5 out of 5 rating for Performance P7

The P7 is a great rubber. Massive spin but also easy to control. I like the fairly high arc which is IMO easier to control. For example I've tried the Airoc M which has a lower throw and I find it more difficult to control. The speed is okay but there are lots of better options on the market if you want a fast rubber. I use it on a OFF- blade but I think the P7 is better on a OFF or even OFF+ blade.
The rubber is also very durable. I have been playing with the P7 now for a year(4-5hrs/week) and okay, it doesn't have the unbelievable amount of spin of the first months but my opponents still struggle to block my spinny topspins. Serving requires some skill because the rubber is sometimes too bouncy.

I definitely recommend this rubber to those who have a spinny topspin but still want decent control.
The P7 is pretty pricey but that shouldn't hold you back because it lasts long.
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4 out of 5 rating for Performance P7


Very nice package. Really, really grip and hard when pressing finger. It comes with a plastic package with holes. Doesnt have any strange smell and curls a lot. Regular dome. It really was a struggle to glue it and when i did, the sealant on the Tenor let it loose and after sanding it a bit, i still cannot reglue with perfect simetry, mainly due its curl. It really makes me mad, it is just 1mm off to the left, but really,makes, me, mad.
Boucing the ball on it makes very little noise. Not overly bouncy with a relaxing vibration. The spin i got when i throw against the rubber is the highest i got so far. Rakza 7, H3NEO, Omega Asia, LT Plus, none. I even draw some stripes in the ball to be sure.
When first i played with it was a disaster. Very high-throw, a bit bouncy when you go passive, but much less than Rakza 7. Just after 4 hours i started to put some balls on the table. About a 8 hours to make some quality shots. It is really a different but awesome rubber. 3rd ball opening is a breeze. With you wrist movement only you can do damage with spin. Slow loop is very easy as well, although it is bouncy short game, with a good swing you can do a slow spinny ball close to the net.
FH exchanges you can really feel the ball sinking in the sponge, despite being overall a hard rubber, the feeling is very butter soft :)
In short
*Ultimate Spin
*Good speed, 8.5/10 id say.
*Pleasant feeling.
*Not noisy
*Low, medium, high gear are there at your will.
*Looks very alike Rakza7 topsheet, and being its durability very alike markV (7months now and plays/look like new) i think P7 so will do last that much.
*Rumors says Adidas is discontinuing TT products :(
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5 out of 5 rating for Performance P7

Played a season with P7 on BH, and started looking for a replacement like many others. Became curious about Nittaku Fastarc G-1, and purchased a sheet. Well, here is a surprise. Nittaku Fastarc G-1's sponge, the topsheet surface, pips - all look and feel identical to P7's. Plays the same way.

TLDR: Anyone looking for a P7 replacement should seriously consider Nittaku Fastarc G-1.
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