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Full Name: Peter Sereda

Age: 26

Date Of Birth: 13.01.1984

Height: 182

Club represented: Skst Bratislava

Highest World Ranking: 67

Equipment: Stiga Sponsored
Blade - Offensive Oversize
FH - Boost TC
BH - Boost TP

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?
I started playing when I was 6.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
My Father introduced me to the sport.

BollForte94 from table tennis daily wants to know what do you practice the most. Do you have a cetain training rechime each week or does it alter?
I do many fitness training and also like to play lots of other sports such as tennis, squash, and badminton. I don;t have that mch planning when i go to the traning hall. I just go and practiced what i feel i need to do. I have no fixed training programs each week to complete.

Do you serve practice often?
I do a lot of training with serves at the start of the exercise. I guess this is my serve practice. I don't go to a table just to do serve practice, only rarely and sometimes before a match I would do some to make sure they are going short.

Your a very successful international star now, what do you feel was your biggest achievement to date?
When i got to the semifinal of the Slovenian Pro Tour. For me, that was an amazing feeling!

Ok, maybe you don't like looking back to this but what was your biggest low in your career?
Im not to sure, I think its best not to look back at those things and forget.

Are you looking forward to the 2012 Olympics?
Yes of course! but still I don’t know how the qualification system is going to work.

TerIphik - Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?
I don't belive there is any difference, not that i know of anyways.

Do you use booster to enhance your rubber?
I've never tried it

lesliefrancs - HI, Is pursuing a life towards TT worth the rewards? and does playing TT full time effect your personal life?
Yes of course, otherwise I wouldnt do it. Like every job which needs so much time like TT to become successful

Do you run every day?

GecaPhoenix - What's your view on the chinese dominniance at the moment, Why are they so good do you belive?
They pratcice more then european players, and also they have more players to find the best talents within the coutry.

Leankints wants to know do you train on the mental aspects of the game. Do you find this side of the game is just as important as the technical parts?
I belive this is how I have broken the top 100 mark of the world due to my mental strengths. I belive mentally is more important then technical skills. Its important to look for your oppenents weaknesses as soon as possible and maintaing focus under any circumstance.

DaveCochrane - Hi, I would like to know what you want to do when your playing days are over, will you stay working in table tennis such as coaching etc.
Maybe yes, but I am not planning anything at the moment.

forestloves - HI, would you rather Win the World Championships, or win a silver in the Olympic Games?
its almost same, but for me its better to win the Wolrd Championschip

topgunwow - Hi, are you happy about the speed glue ban, has it had an effect on your game?
It hasnt made much difference to my game I am happy with it

What was your experience like playing in the French Pro B league? You had a lot of pressure at times to win, however you seemed to always come through and win. What are your mental strategies before a game?
I always try not to think about what would happen if i loose. I just play my game and believe.

Peter in action!

Off the topic questions

Whos your favourite sportsmen of all time?
in table tennis: Jan Ove Waldner. in all sports: Roger Federer

Favourite film?

What car do you drive?
Skoda Superb

Whats your favouirte music?
Normal modern popular music

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?
With my girlfriend, or play other sports, or be on some party

Do you eat well or eat junk good?
I like to eat very well

PS3 or XBOX 360?

Your team mates

Whos the funniest player in the trianing hall?
Marcos Madrid

Whos the funniest team player?
In my team which I am playing now, I think that its me

And Lastly

And lastly, thanks very much for your kindness in taking part in this interview for all the members of the Table Tennis Daily forum to learn and know more about the life of a professional player.

Would you like to add one last tip, or an inspiriational message to us all?
I think its highly important to enjoy every moment you play. There will be times where you may get angry but you must enjoy the compeition/training/freinds and everything else that comes with TT in order to be successful!

Good luck in your next competition Peter and thanks for doing this interview for us!

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