plays in a wheelchair! you can't win with them

says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
says Out of Business Janitor/Babysitter
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Sep 2011
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The two wheelchair players are clearly a few levels above the majority of the top USA wheelchair players.

The ones in the first vid would be 1800-1900 vs non-wheelchair players in California. Both have interesting tactics and ability to move and block/counter or initiate attacks.

The second vid, the shorter player might hold a 1200 rating. Harder to judge to the taller player who is clearly many levels better. Let's call taller player base 1600-1800 California and maybe higher if he plays vs brain dead opponents.

It is interesting the play style of these gents. ZERO short serves, so zero possibility of depth variation. Everything serve long, allow attack, and play from there.
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Oct 2019
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