Top 4 seeds are below, click who you think will win

  • Tang Peng

    Votes: 2 13.3%
  • Christian Süss

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Patrick Baum

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • Li Ching

    Votes: 2 13.3%

  • Total voters


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now
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Mens Singles
Seeking a first title of the year may well be the aim for the leading ladies on duty; for the men, the phrase is even more succinct. It is seeking a first title.

Hong Kong’s Tang Peng is the no.1 seed; he is followed by Germany’s Christian Süss and Patrick Baum with Li Ching, also from Hong Kong, seeded no.4.


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Close but Not Close Enough
All four have come close to winning Men’s Singles titles on the ITTF Pro Tour but none has yet succeeded.

Tang Peng was the runner up at the Chile Open in 2007, the same fate befell Li Ching last year in Cairo; whilst Patrick Baum experienced the silver medal destiny at the Japan Open in 2009.

Meanwhile, for Christian Süss, his best is a semi-final exit. He reached the penultimate stage at the Danish Open, also in 2009.

Womens Singles
Guo Yue, present at all ITTF Pro Tour five tournaments in January and February, has yet to progress beyond the semi-final stage of a Women’s Singles event this year; as for Feng Tianwei, the reading is even more dismal.


Photo by: Xinhua

She competed in the first four ITTF Pro Tour tournaments of the year and has yet to advance beyond the quarter-final stage.

Contrast to Late 2010
The performances are in stark contrast to the success both players gained as the year 2010 came to close; Guo Yue won in late October at the Liebherr Austrian Open, whilst Feng Tianwei brought the year to an end with success at the KAL Cup Pro Tour Grand Finals in Seoul.

Seeking to Open Accounts
Equally, the next in line in the Women’s Singles seeding will be seeking to open their accounts in 2011.

Japan’s Kasumi Ishikawa, who sensationally beat Guo Yue in January at the English Open and won the Women’s Singles title at the 2010 Morocco Open, is the no.3 seed, followed by Singapore’s Wang Yuegu, the winner at the Japan Open last year.

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Nov 2010
I really hope Lin Gaoyuan grows taller and stronger. He has a great feel for the game.
says [IMG] My Best Player after Ma Long...
says [IMG] My Best Player after Ma Long...
Oct 2010
Omar Assar form Egypt, i'm cheer him :)