Power-G7 (PG7)

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4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

I bought this blade because of curiosity and also because I feel that in some shots my Timo Boll Forte lacks some hardness, especially after switching to the poly ball. I have played with it for ~2 months with some older Acuda S1 on FH and S2 on BH. My blade weighs 92g.


I noticed from the first shot that the PG-7 will deliver me a good amount of speed, which helps a lot in away from the table play and finishing shots, it's a strong OFF, if not a OFF+.


I expected this blade to be quite uncontrolable, considering its speed and price, but I was pleasantly surprised. This blade has a very good amount of control, though not as controlable as my TBF.


Harder than my TBF, but not a rock, allowing to have good spin on loops while keeping them aggresive.


At the first sight, the handle seems small, but this type of handle allows you to have a firm grip with your fingers on the rubbers, so this is not the story with the small handle on the Timo Boll Forte.


Until now no durability issues. I don't use edge tape on this blade, and the rubbers don't cover the full head of the blade. It only has a small bump because I have hit the edge of the table while serving. And also, this is a 23$ blade, so you may not be afraid to play, even if it breaks, you can easily get a new one, but I really doubt this blade will break fast.

Sweet spot

This is an all-wood blade, so it has a smaller sweet spot than a carbon blade. Your timing has to be better than with a carbon blade if you want your shots to be well placed.


This is, in my opinion, the biggest minus of this blade. Yes, it has good speed, good control, nice dwell time, but it lacks a more solid feel. This vibration isn't helping you, it is irritating and kinda gives you a false feedback of what's happening while the ball is on the racket. And my blade is 92g, which is heavier than the average weight, so, theoretically, it should feel more solid than a lighter PG-7.


The DHS Power G-7 is a blade that will suit a forehand-oriented aggresive player. This blade is pretty heavy has a large head, which makes it feel even heavier. Because of this backhand flicks become more difficult to make, and you don't have too much freedom of movement with the backhand.


The DHS Power G-7 is a cheap blade (~25$) that is able to replace a more expensive one. It stands in the range of OFF/OFF+, being able to deliver a good amount of power when needed, while having good control and dwell time. It will work better for forehand-oriented players that like to play mid-distance or away from the table. Because of large head size + the weight, the racket feels a little head-heavy, and the backhand flicks are harder to execute. Biggest minus of this blade is the lack of a solid feel, the blade having a quite strong vibration. It also doesn't have the sweet spot of composite blades.
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4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

This is quite a cheap blade. Got it for 20 euros from tt11.
I got this blade weighing 93 gm.
I am using dhs skyline 3 neo on fh and lkt rapid speed on bh.
This blade has big face, hence a little head heaviness due to heavy rubbers is observed.
Close to table- Since I use chinese rubber on fh, the spin is evidently there in serves. Whenever long services are executed, this blade has been quite predictable. Hence it is stiff enough.
For chops, I needed to use less power, or the ball would go out.
For 3rd ball attack, this blade is great, its fast and powerful. Executing blocks is breeze.
Long table- As I mentioned, this blade is quite fast, off+ for me, and with chinese rubbers, if the loops are perfect, there would not be power loss.
But to execute it, your shots should be perfect. It seemed to me that this blade is less forgiving.
Important ratings-
Speed- off+ (definitely)
Defence- needs precision
Stiffness- 6to7
Dwell- a little is there when you go for loops. This attribute is actually profitable for me as it is a stiff blade normally, hence works good for counters and blocks, but when you want to do loops, dwell comes( like viscaria)
Sweet spot- definitely less than my other blade ymleo.
Hardness- hard
Durability- definitely looks sturdy, ymleo is behind pg7 in this aspect.
Vibration- is present, will sometimes irritate, as the vibrations are a bit confusing.
Overall rating- 7.8 out of 10
(Ymleo is 8.1, for me)
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Nov 2016
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4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

Above average power and speed. TG 7 blade is marginally better in terms of quality control and consistency. I prefer chinese rubber setup e.g. hurricane neo or sword palladin for this blade.Affordable setup for offensive beginners.
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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

The DHS Power G7 is an excellent blade for those who want to upgrade from a 5-ply limba/ayous-based blade to a slightly stiffer and faster blade without significant loss in flexibility. Those looking a stiff and fast 7-ply blade might find the DHS Power G7 a little bit too slow and flexible. For the same reasons, the DHS Power G7 is most suitable for play close to the table and less so from beyond mid-distance. It is easy to understand why the Power G7 is so popular, especially when considering its price point. Find out more in our DHS Power G7 full review.
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Jul 2017
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5 out of 5 rating for Power G7

Its total weight is 190 gram with 2 sides of DHS Neo3 Chinese rubber. It feels balance and not head heavy so it nice for looping and quick attack Chinese style.
Blocking is very good for topspin. The soft touch is also fine for BH flicks near the net inside the table. I dont see any major weakness so far after using for some weeks of intensive training( 3 times play per week at around 3 hours per session)
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4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

This gets my vote for the best blade in the world in the $35 or under price range. It’s a 7 Ply wood blade with Limba/Ayous/Ayous/Ayous construction. My blade is 87g and 6.3mm thick.

The blade offers great feel and control with Off- speed with the new ball. Build quality is good for the price and feels good and balanced in the hand. I also have the $200 DHS Ma Long 3 blade and this blade has similar construction with lower quality control and a smaller sweet spot. The speed is a little slower but I think this blade actually has better control. It’s a very well balanced blade with enough flex for great looping and counter looping and enough stiffness for good directional control, hitting, and blocking.

The price/performance ratio for this blade is remarkable. If you or someone you know is on a tight budget but still looking for a high quality blade with good performance, this is highly recommended.
4 out of 5 rating for Power G7

First, I've heard of quality control issues with this one, and while I didn't have a chance to try different one myself, I could see from some photos that the total blade head thickness can be different, even the Plies can be of inconsistent thickness.. but another issue that can affect reviewer ratings is the fact this blade may not at all perform well in the beginning, it really needs to break in!In the beginning, it was like a different blade, slower, throw higher, sweet spot really small! However, after some weeks of use, the sweet spot is actually pretty big for a wooden blade, and the blade is pretty consistent and powerful. It has sort of a hard feel very similar to PG-9, which is rather surprising. However, the dwell time is definitely longer with this one. The throw also noticeably higher, much easier and spinner to loop with a Chinese rubber closer to the table. As it is now, it is a wonderful blade for its price!