President Congratulates Portuguese Table Tennis Team!

Yesterday on the 28th September, Portugal won the 2014 European Team Championships in Lisbon. This has reached main stream news all around the world with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo congratulating the victory. Today, the president of Portugal congratulated the new champions of Europe expressing how winning was a matter of great pride to the nation.


President Cavaco Silva - Photo by:

The president expressed, "It is with great pride that I congratulate the National Table Tennis team, for this victory at the European Championships, for our first European Champions in this sport. This is a milestone for table tennis in Portugal. I congratulate the athletes and coaching staff that put their efforts and believed in their abilities in winning. This provides another source of pride to the fans of this sport and to the Portuguese people. I congratulate the Portuguese Table Tennis Federation for organizing the event here in Portugal. As a former practitioner, I address to the players, coaches and officials of the Federation of Table Tennis Portugal for a word of appreciation to your dedication and commitment. I wish you all the greatest sporting success and happiness."

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