primorac carbon

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Mar 2014
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4 out of 5 rating for Primorac Carbon

First of all primorac carbon seemed lighter to me . I m so sensitive to the blade weight and this blade was my dream in comparison with heavy mazunof that i had before . A revolution happened in my game style after buying this blade . my hits became more powerful and faster . actually its a very suitable blade for an attacker . my flicks goes better with this one . about control , i say its so so , but it relates to your skill as well, My grip is FL and I,m so comfortable with this . My tenery 05 fits to primorac carbon so well and the spin is amazing .. try it everybody
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Feb 2017
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3 out of 5 rating for Primorac Carbon

Mine was an old primorac carbon whose outer ply was harder than usual. It gives excellent confidence for direct and fast shots. Spin can lack due to rubber or technique because its contact duration is very short. Also in short game it lacks control much. But it fits almost all rubbers, with hard rubbers it lost almost all feeling. I think this blade was one of super star in speed glue era, nowadays more off-, off blades favorable for variable players, even top pros do not use that fast and stiff blade. Of course it depends on the taste of player.