Question about glue (handmade blades)

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Apr 2020
Looks like you got the perfect glue for the job but of course it always depends what "end effect" you are aiming for.
Another aspect would (for me) also be if you glue only wood or if you also use composite material in your blade.
In this case (i am old fashioned) I use epoxy.
If one is really old fashioned on would maybe use the old glue made from horse hoofs which has to be applied hot. This is
how violins and guitars were glued together.

I am just a casual hobby hack. Soon all the expert professional blade-makers will read this and feel provoked into correcting me and giving ALL their intimate secrets away 😁
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says Hi In first i want to thank you for your interest...
says Hi In first i want to thank you for your interest...
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Feb 2015
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I am very disappointed that we do not get any expert- input here.
Maybe if I declare frivolously that Butterfly uses superglue.........................?? 😂

You are just lazy to use search on this page....