Rakza 7 vs M1 turbo vs P1 series?

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Apr 2014
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Haven't used Bluefire M1 turbo or the P1 series but I haev been using Rakza 7 for a few weeks now.

It has a very hard sponge. I think 47.5 degrees. The topsheet is a bit soft so this compensates for this a little bit. In terms of hardness and feel, very similar to Tenergy 05. Less speed though and less sensitive to spin.

Control over short pushes, serves and returns is excellent. The hard sponge does not get activated in the short game which makes it easy to control everything. The topsheet is very spinny and you won't have to struggle to create sufficient spin.

It is not that sensitive to spin (blocking is excellent) but the hard sponge does not allow for lazy technique while topspinning or opening up. Half-hearted shots will be punished. A softer sponge would be more forgiving here. You need some power here but the quality of the shot will be good as the sponge has a good amount of speed once enough effort has been put into activating it.
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