Rakza PO

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4 out of 5 rating for Rakza PO

2 months ago i decided to train with SPs. At first i bought 729 802-40, Stiga Clippa and Adidas Blaze Speed. 729 and Stiga were way too spinny for a full SP play to my like. I sticked with Adidas and then after, in need of more speed, i bought Rakza PO.

The firsts session were a disaster. As it has the same sponge as Rakza 7 soft it is bullet fast. I must make the right contact and stroke to be sucessful or will end just blocking.
The Pips are thinner and more spaced than 802-40 and Clippa, horizontaly aligned.
I think it is as heavy as rakza 7 soft.
It has some deceptiveness. On spinny balls block, if you dont make the wrist movement and just hit the pips, the ball with be dead or even with some back spin, it just oddly floats.
I can get a good amount of spin on serves, just enough so oponnent doesnt easily attack.

The setup im using with this SP is : Nittaku Tenor, Rakza 7 FH, Rakza PO BH.
Although being a fast setup, it is very controlable, even with Rakza PO. It is just a positioning matter. You must get the ball off the bounce or in its higher moment you will end in the net.
Rakza PO really shines on counter attacks. I just love to push so the oponnent loops with a high arc, yummy!
DO NOT TRY TO CHOP. This SP is very bouncy when you put some energy into. It is not linear, it does is a ~tensor~ short pips.

Feel free to PM if you want to ask anything else.
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4 out of 5 rating for Rakza PO


  • A Bit Spiny
  • Vertical Alignment
  • Fast
  • Med-Hard Sponge
  • Flat Circular Pip
SP vs Topspin: Fun and Easy . Usually ends up aggressively Flat Hitting with an racket angle of " | ". For a stronger spin, Closing the angle just a bit will do the trick.
SP vs Backspin: Brushing results into a slightly spinny ball. If I were to rate it, it is easier.
Sp vs Receiving: a slight tap can send the ball popping up. Make sure to just to push very gently.
SP Flicking : Easy because of the slightly harder sponge. I kept on flicking heavy chop serves.
SP Chop blocking: Most of the Time, its usually just turns into no spin but hit a bit harder it can give a slight backspin.
SP Blocking vs Topspin: Not Linear. it still makes an arc when blocking.
SP Service: Surprised me a bit. This Rubber can generate heavy spin especially when i dig it in the sponge. The feed back was outrageous. My mates were surprised that the serve came from the SP and not an inverted rubber.