Rasanter C Series

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Hey all. Andro is releasing Rasanter C series in 48 and 53. I'm planning to try the 48 out as currently I'm using the R48 on the forehand. I love it a lot, but times I feel it is hard to spin the ball close to the table as it is more responsive from I was using before (Skyline 3). It's to be expected. LOL Well how many of y'all heard of it? It's on the andro japan yt channel. Said to be released next month! Can't wait to try.
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Oct 2018
I see, they change pips structure something like thick pips, from tenergy 25https://butterfly.pl/230-large_default/okladzina-tenergy-25.jpgbut yeah I translated from Japanese to Polish and from Polish to English, thanks for googletranslator"C" = ROTATION (?!)The newest top plate (topsheet) is equipped with a "anti-rotation damper" in a new pivot shape.I combined it with a sponge equipped with a power cell similar to the R53 / R48.The best spinning gum in counter.I thought they add sticky topsheet but it looks like the new rubber will be very very hard

To me it looks like the Hurricane 3, D09c, Donic C1/C2, Xiom Omega 7 China style pimple shape + thicker top layer. The Victas V>20 Double Extra seems to be the same as well.

Probably the Rasanter will be tacky too, Andro I think didn't have any sticky rubbers on the market (yet).

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Apr 2014
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