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I have been playing since I was in high-school, on and off, in recreational, basement and for a short period, college setting. I also used to play at some meetups a few years back. Now in my 5th decade, I have restarted playing and am looking to improve. Based on this guide here,, I believe I am early intermediate/intermediate (1200-1500).

My rubbers 12 years old now, obviously need replacing. It is a Donic Persson Powerplay blade with a Yasaka Mark V FH and Stag Explosive BH. Based on some research, and based on my style, I am thinking of upgrading only the rubbers of both sides to Xiom Vega X. Another possibility is Rakza 7 on the BH.

I am unsure about Xiom Vega X on the BH because style wise, I do like to FH loop a lot while on my BH, I tend to mostly push, though looking to improve and develop a BH loop. Even though I manage to certain a few, I do feel like I am scared of spinny or fast serves.

Would love some feedback on whether this setup would work (a) for my play level/style and as (b) someone who is looking to play more aiming to improve.

Any and all feedback will be much appreciated
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