Replacement for TSP spin pips red

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Mar 2022
I have been using spin pips red on FH (1 less than max thickness), but have noticed they don't make them anymore! In particular i really like the spin on serves and blocking/countering ability with an amount of spin scrubbing/reversing against topsin which was easy to control. I'd be happy with something firmer but probably not softer. I have used 802-40 but it was far too much like an inverted. I would have thought joola express, yasaka rakza po, or the new victas spin pips, but I can't find much information about any in comparison to spin pips red.
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I’ve played with Spinpips Red for a long time, so what I’ve tried and that’s similar to Spinpis is Tibhar Speedy Soft XD D.Tecs, Butterfly Impartial XS and Nittaku Moristo SP AX.

I made a comparison of Spinpips Red and Speedy Soft XD D.Tecs, so take a look at the differences in the video below.
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Aug 2020
I believe that Victas D1 is the exact replacement for the original Spinpips.
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Jul 2018
I switched from Spinpips Red to Victas 102/Andro Blowfish.

102 and Blowfish are very similar. Both are equally grippy as the Red, speed is similar/a little faster, both are much more crisp hitting than the Red.