Rhyzen Fire

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Jul 2014
I have not heard of this rubber, and living in the USA it seems to be only available from overseas sources. I have been using Rhyzen CMD on my backhand but have ben wanting to try something firmer there. Rhyzen CMD comes out of the pack with a noticeable curl has a problem that if you remove it from the blade after gluing it will develop a strong inwards curl towards the sponge side, which makes it more annoying to reglue back on, and it appears you can order Fire in blue which interests me alongside its cheap price
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sry thought this rubber was international distributed and "just another Rhyzen ESN",thought you guys knew more.
This is the only review i found and in german.
The launch was just recently but didn´t know its just national.
The price in germany is 37.70 or cheaper.
Its cause of Joolas 70th Anniversary.
Tommorow is a tournament,i can write something about this rubber afterwards.
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i am not good at writing reviews,i have to read a few first.
This is only the first impression from a race 6 games tourney.
Played the Fire in 6 Games for the first time on Bh at 2.00mm,had a bad torney overall.
But that was entirely on my side,hangover cough:)
I only can say that i found the Joola Fire as somehat an upgrade of an intermediate Tensor like a Factive,Vega Intro,etc... but more on pair with really newer Generation of High-End Rubbers.
very stable,medium + Spin "i would say even high Spin for that kind of rubber",tempo is a bit on the slower side and is dampened but at least in the all - off side,depending on your technique.
For that Price i really liked it,compared to say Quantum X Pro which i also play,but i am not that guy from the Video!!
Just have the same Combo, i switched from a Nittaku Gorikki Kaisoku on BH (which is too demanding for me,but also a great rubber for some playstyles)
This is all first impression and highly my own opinion.
Will try to update this and try to write a proper review,since i started this and probably must follow trough now.
If there are somewhat more expierenced Users out there feel free to write an educated and analitical Review.
Last Words:Very affordable (for esn standards) Rubber with high upside to even the gap between Intermediate to advanced Level of Players,might even surprise better players.
Hope this was somewhat helpful.
If somebody tests the Joola Ice and is willing to chip in,just let me know,,maybe we can expand the thread to an Fire and Ice etc if there is also nothing for the Joola Ice.
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Well i removed the Fire today,will write something more specfic about the Rubber in the Future.
Couldn´t really get accustomed to it,too high of an Arc,more on the Spinny side,but slow.
Its my Techinice and Levlel,that should be kept in mind,but i almost had the feling of a modern Tackines C from the 90s..today.
Counter,block and Smash was really hard for me,and that is one of my strengths,but no comparison to the Quantum X Pro.
Was a bit dissapointed,cause i thought It would get better,after a few sessions.
Blade was from Sergio SDC SPectra Outer layer (a bit simmilarity to Tibhar Force Pro).
But if some players look for Entry level Tensor with a harder sponge,spinny and with slow tempo,this might be your rubber.
But i consider,The Factive,Intro and Hexer Duro the better packages.
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Sep 2020
Read 1 reviews
I tested it yesterday and i got pretty much the same feeling.

Weirdly the arc was high af if you started hitting propperly. But lifting backspin was a huge pain in the ass. Everytime i tried to brush the ball to lift it, the ball fell off an right into the net.
While if i hit a harder topspin the ball flew way higher and often over the table. The only thing that felt great were bh drives where you pressure the sponge more i guess. And the spin quality was quite good.

Defensive behaviour of the rubber were okish. So blocking and lobbing is fine with it. Everything more to the attacking style feels kinda off. Hard to describe it, but i lost every match that day and had a really hard time opening up with my bh.

So i guess ill be back for the vega X in the next training^^
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yeah some of the behaviour of the rubber is strange.
Couldn´t quite understand it,so intuetively i decided "that is really not my thing".
MAybe it was in the making a longer time ago and was realesed just now.(no Info just a guess,cause the new series is also called Dynarz)
I will give it to a teammate who whas to refreash his rubbers,maybe he can do a bit more with it.
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