Rhyzer 43

4 out of 5 rating for Rhyzer 43

- 66 grams uncut
- medium to medium soft
- off+
The Rhyzer 43 is a toned down version of the Rhyzer 48. It is labeled as 43 degrees but the total hardness with the sponge seems to be medium and sometimes even harder than the usual 45 degree rubbers that I have tried like the Joola s Maxxx 450, Rakza 7 or Adidas P7. With the Rhyzer 43, at tleast you could feel the softer topsheet compared to the Rhyzer 48 rubber which has an overall hard feeling. What I like about the Rhyzer 43 is that it easier to use than the 48 version. In my case, I choose to place it in a slower blade like the Xiom Feel Ax because when I placed it with the Rhyzer 48 in the Pro Spin Power blade, the Rhyzer 43 still goes off the table easily. So I placed it with in a slower blade which is the Feel AX and then the magical moment happened. The rubber is very good and the speed is more than enough even with a slower blade. The Rhyzer 43 is still very fast and the speed is equal to that of the MX-P. If people are looking for a substitute of the Adidas P7 then this rubber will suffice. It has the control and feel of the P7 but the speed and spin is marginally bigger. The topsheet is very grippy like the 48 version but the softer sponge allowas the ball to sink into the sponge easier. The rubber is very bouncy that it is easy to slap and drive low flying balls. At least the Rhyzer 43 is a little bit controllable compared to the 48 degree version. Nevertheless, the 48 and 43 Rhyzers are excellent both as forehand and backhand rubbers.I am currently using the Rhyzer 43 as my forehand rubber in one of my rackets because the 48 is not just for my level.
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4 out of 5 rating for Rhyzer 43

Rhyzer 43 is capable of doing everything, like blocking, flat hits and everything well except for chopping. Chopping is a lot harder with tensor rubber usually and this rubber is not exempted from this. I use it for BH and the transition from a inverted classic rubber like Mark V or Sriver to Rhyzer 43 is easy. It is also a good FH rubber to experiment with to test out tensor rubber.