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Oct 2014
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Since you have the rubber on one side already, you can simply turn your racket over and play with it for a while. While I haven't used Rising Dragon, I have used hard rubbers on both sides before. I believe that equipment issues are personal. The bad (softer) plastic balls often require me to use Harder sponge as I need more linearity on my drives. But I prefer classic 4th gen stuff (Hexer, Baracuda) with the good balls.

Weight is also an issue as the paddle will be head heavier. You will need to evaluate your control and swing speed with harder rubber. In the end, always focus on raising the spin level no matter what you use. Good luck.
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Jul 2015
I started using this rubber on the forehand about two weeks ago and I like it quite a bit. I know it's a personal thing but I found the control and speed to be quite good both on forehand loops and drives and really good over the table with short game with it being slower when you need it to be slower. I chose to playing it on a donic waldner all wood v1 all + off- blade and on that it feels very under control. For reference I found hurricane products h8 h3-50 neo h3 to all be a tad better in the short game but not by much (i should say RD is not as tacky as those rubbers) and I found the tibhar e-lp to be a tad bit faster. But I was also wondering about it on the backhand because I miss having a tacky backhand rubber. I have not really tried it much there yet. Primarily because I put on a nittaku narucross gs soft on my back hand which is soft ( I prefer a soft rubber on my back hand right now) and it has a slight bit of tackiness at the same time. Of topic but I do like the nittaku GS lots of spin great for looping especially when playing the 40-plus premium nittaku ball. But im thinking I will try the Rising Dragon a bit on the backhand and i was also interested in the idea do to its short game performance. I would like to know what you think if you try it out there.

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Jun 2015
It's a very nice rubber, but only for forehand. It is direct, spin possibilities are crazy and control is perfect while looping. It works better for players using a wider swing as it does not carry the catapult effect. Therefore it is very predictable, not bouncy and is stable in short game.

For backhand it is more like a stop, but depends on a level. Since Backhand swing is physically shorter (except Kreanga maybe and former Juergen Rosskopf:)) and rubber does not throw the ball out - it becomes more limiting than giving an edge in backhand attack. For blocks and contra play it is very well controllable. But no "banana", hard to play fast easy top spins above the table, does not have enough power for backhand looping further from table. It is more a forehand rubber!

Rising Dragon is on sale at TTmode.com this week.
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