Rubber Bumps on playside after glueing and unremovable glue!

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Dec 2022
Hello! So i have bought a rassanter R42 Rubber only 1 time glued/new with Revolution 3 (claimed the seller). Im beginner at glueing and i was so eager to try it that i tried to glue it myself with a good water based glue i had used before that is very easy to clean/elastic. The problem is the first time i glued it didnt do it ok and removed it. The glue stayed in excces on the blade and the problem is with this rubber I COULDNT REMOVE THE GLUE. Tried appling one more layer to remove the other but no success. Its like the first layer of glue is stuck to the sponge and i managed to even rip a part of sponge trying to remove the excess glue... I havent met something like this and its like my 6th remove/glue rubber. In the end i decided to just apply one more layer and glued to blade. The result is shown in picture where there are lots of bumps on the rubber. Is the rubber fixable? Is there any way to remove the glue from the sponge and not damage it any more? I tried pinching from the side, i tried using butterfly sand, pingpoong ball and used rubbers but as i said before its like the first layer of glue is stuck to the sponge.... Please Help! Or shouldnt i worry as the bumps dont affect playing?
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Oct 2019
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Hi. I might have had the same problem with R42. I know that the R42 sponge is quite brittle and large pored, so I understand your situation when removing the glue. What viscosity did you use? Normal, Medium or High? The "Normal" is more common I guess and more liquid. I think that these kinds of sponges works better with the thicker versions of Revolution 3 glue, as the glue don't travel so far down the pores. I had similar problems with the Stiga DNA S & M.

When I had the R42 myself, I started out with Stiga Attach Glue, and I had similar problems with that. The glue attached too hard to the sponge and small pieces just came off when removing. I tried with Revolution 3 as well and had the same problem there with small pieces just following with the glue when removing. Perhaps someone else using these rubbers more often have more information how to avoid this problem?

In my opinion it's more of a problem with the sponge being too brittle. I glue rubbers almost every day. Mostly Chinese, but others as well so I've got some experience anyway.
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Nov 2022
depending on the glue
DHS no 15 for example is one of the easiest to remove (2 layers on sponge, can be remove with 1 peel)
many other, you may need to have 5 or 6 coats on to make it thicker, thus easier to remove.

for the sake of sponge, i would say put more layers on and be patient.

DHS No 15 glue is so easy to remove that I don't think I'm ever going to use anything else.

It's so easy to remove, in fact, that I winded up keeping the old glue on my the rubber before gluing it onto a different blade, since it looked so even. Is there anything downside to doing this? How many layers of glue can I have on a rubber before I should consider removing all of it?

Another downside is that the rubber comes off the edges easier (especially when the blade hits the the table at a shallow angle). So I think this is a glue where using edge tape might be advised.
says Fair play first
says Fair play first
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Jan 2012
Hot iron 90°С is the solution. Be sure to use some gauze cloth as an interlayer.👍
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Mar 2022
It's the thing with ESN tensor sponges: they want to make you buy more of them, so the sponge is barely impossible to remove the glue out of it. Their sponges are way too much porous. My worst experience has been the R47 with the Donic vario clean glue, that is supposed to be very light and easy to remove, but removing the Butterfly Free Chack Pro II from Dignics 09C has been a pain in the as* too.

If you want a rubber that is easy to clean: DHS Hurricane, or any ohter non ESN/chinese rubber, plain simple. Switching from a glue to another one won't help, ESN is the shining example of planned obsolescence sponge. Mind you... one of their techs was the ITTF equipment commitee chief that helped ESN to grow its tensor market by introducing the plastic ball: new ball, slower ball, yeaaah... new rubbers to market for a new problem that should have never existed.