Rubber for defender?

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Oct 2010
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Hi, my friend is a defender and wants to be able to topspin on the forehand and backhand to. For example he defends a lot but at the beginning of the rally he tries to open with an attack.

What are professional defenders using? Are they using Tenergy? perhaps with a thin sponge like 1.7?

Any help will be good,

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Deal hope,

Defender able to backhand topspin, modern allrounder? Ouaiche? [emoji14]:)

Either way, many defender using tenergies, but,

I am in the opinion that Tackiness Chop 2 1.5 mm is the easiest chopping inverted rubber on backhand, till now, and

H3 in thin sponge, mine 1.9 - 2.0 mm, is the best chopping rubber, and also great for brush loop. :)