Rubber Suggestions for "Primorac Carbon"

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Hi as the title suggests, I need some recommendations for my blade. im a close to the table player who flicks right away. im not really used to Chinese Rubber (which is my skyline tg2 after tuning it 2x which is still pretty hard) Hard Rubber + Stiff Blade = No Feeling. I am looking for a Chinese Like Rubber (either tensioned or not) sticky topsheet that will go well with the blade. Does a Sticky Topsheet with a soft sponge exist?. In a nutshell: im looking for a Chinese rubber that will go well with my blade, or a rubber with a sticky sheet on sponge, or if you have another suggestion (Non Chinese Rubber) comment away. thank you in advance for your suggestions
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Mar 2011
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I am a big fan of Tenergy, personally I use the Maze Offensive but I've tried one of my friends Primorac with T-05FX, and it felt perfectly smooth for all strokes. I currently use that rubber for my backhand on the Maze blade. Tenergy 80 on the forehand side. But that's just my own preferences, if you aint into Tenergy, or want a harder rubber, maybe Andro Hexer HD would be nice. It all depends on what you like, playing style and on your level.

Good luck!
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There's many ideas abou tenergies,I played with 05 for a while,it is fine,but not for all.
Most just buy it cuz "its the best rubber",because is expensiver then most,and at the end,then dont rally over 3 strokes,cuz the aim fails. ;)
If its faster,it suffers of control,so it requires to YOU to have the control.When you join it with a fast blade,dont expect miracles,just Jesus does that. ;)
Not saying here that Tenergy is not a great rubber,just saying that is not for all,is best,is hard to discribe.Best is what you feel confortable with,is the one who makes your strokes more effective, with better placement,not the one which gives you more spin and speed.Speed and spin comes later,cuz all of them got it,some a bit more,other a bit less,but is there.
And ,btw, when you touch other rubbers that are half of the price,and it make you a winner (doesnt matter at which level),you will see thru your rear view.
i got tenergy for backhand and found it ok,the side and topspins were spinny but in short game it fails a bit,was a question of training...,with tin arc,i just found it perfect at 1st touch,in every way you think.
This is my opinion,others might be different.
I ave played with Tg2,and the new DHS rubbers ,are much more effective overall,imo.

good luck :)