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Dec 2022
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FH - Donic bluegrip c2

BH - Yasaka rakza z

Harimoto innerforce zlc blade

I'm having a custom balsa inner hinoki outer ply blade made in a few months and looking for advice on rubbers.

I like the harimoto blade but for years I blades with tsp balsa 5.5 so prefer a much more pingy blade, however;

FH - I find that bluegrip c2 isn't as I expected it to be, it feels good but when you really brush the ball it makes a strange sound and seems to die...I want something a little faster but still slightly tacky so am looking at fastarc g-1 or the new rasanter c48...thoughts?

BH - I love the grip of the rakza z and being a slower rubber it is lovely for playing big whippy backhands, however in games I tend to revert back to one of my favourite shots which is my backhand punch/slap...the rakza z isn't very suited to this...I am looking for something a little faster with less tackiness, I'm thinking the rasanter c53?

For years I played with standard tensor rubbers, energy x-tra and t64 but since coming back to playing I like the idea or hybrid rubbers so would like to stick to them.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks guys!

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If you want something tacky and fast for forehand, go for D09C. If you are on budget, go for the C48. Before you change, I suggest you trying your Rakza Z on your forehand, why not. Another alternative could be the Tibhar Hybrid K3. Reviews about these hybrid rubbers vary from person to person, so choose carefully.
For the backhand C53 might be a little too hard and fast. For backhand I cannot give you advice, as I prefer tensor rubbers right now, but willing to try a Rakza Z in the future.

Unfortunately, all these new rubbers and blades purchases are lucky bags. You don't know what you will get, then you either like or dislike it.

These are only my speculations, might not be suitable for you. Good luck finding your setup.
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Oct 2018
The mentioned K3 is probably a pretty good choice for faster but similar experience to C2, however I feel like the topsheet will act very similarly. I don't feel, see, smell etc a lot of difference between the K3 and C2 topsheet other than the logo they molded on it. The sponges differ quite a bit tho and K3 is faster and springier and lighter.

You can also try the DHS Hurricane 8-80, it's a pretty darn good hybrid rubber, the topsheet is much better than K3 or C2 for brushing. D09c is great or if you can wait a couple of weeks you can try the Glayzer 09c that Butterfly will be releasing.

If you can wait until 1st of April then wait for Glayzer 09c, if you can't then I would either take Hurricane 8-80 or if you don't need sticky so much the G-1.
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