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Dec 2022
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FH - Donic bluegrip c2

BH - Yasaka rakza z

Harimoto innerforce zlc blade

I'm having a custom balsa inner hinoki outer ply blade made in a few months and looking for advice on rubbers.

I like the harimoto blade but for years I blades with tsp balsa 5.5 so prefer a much more pingy blade, however;

FH - I find that bluegrip c2 isn't as I expected it to be, it feels good but when you really brush the ball it makes a strange sound and seems to die...I want something a little faster but still slightly tacky so am looking at fastarc g-1 or the new rasanter c48...thoughts?

BH - I love the grip of the rakza z and being a slower rubber it is lovely for playing big whippy backhands, however in games I tend to revert back to one of my favourite shots which is my backhand punch/slap...the rakza z isn't very suited to this...I am looking for something a little faster with less tackiness, I'm thinking the rasanter c53?

For years I played with standard tensor rubbers, energy x-tra and t64 but since coming back to playing I like the idea or hybrid rubbers so would like to stick to them.

Any advice would be appreciated thanks guys!

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