Russian League 2012/2013

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Oct 2010
Hey all, just like the German League, let's share all the latest news, videos, results and more from the Russian League here :)

Does anyone have links to the players in the top division so I can make a poll with the team etc?

Russian Premier League consists of 12 teams

Fakel Gazproma (Orenburg)
UMMC (Verkhnaya Pyshma)
Magistral (Moscow)
SITEK (Ulan-Ude)
SDUSSHOR-13 (Nizhny Novgorod)
Luch (Vladimir)
Gorizont (Ekaterinburg)
Kuban-Sedin (Krasnodar)
Svyazist (Ufa)
Gidromet (Saint Petersburg)
Bars (Kazan)
Fakel Gazproma-2 (Orenburg)
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Dec 2012
The point is that Chinese players, no matter where their world rank is at, are still able to beat any foreigners on top ranking table.. Either they are youngsters who just got in national team or still staying potential (Hu Mei's success in WTTC woman's single is a big example, Fan Zhendong, Fang Bo, Zhou Yu...), or they are playing somewhere in Russia or what, all got instinct talent. I remember someone here used to say that Russian league with many world best ranking players is gonna be competitively compared to Chinese super league, the answer is NO WAY :)