Sad News - Maze Withdraw's from WTTC 2011

Superstar Michael Maze world ranked 18 withdrew from the World Championships 2011 this week. The former European Champion in 2009 said to, " I still have pain and can not go down at the knees. It takes maybe a month or two before I can train,"


Photo Source: Kim Kyong-Hoon © Scanpix

Michael Maze made a big return last month in the Volkswagon Cup however the viewers could see he wasn't match fit. Maze last competitive match was against the world number 1 Wang Hao. After the match Maze explained to that " I was forced to play. Otherwise, I will fall out of the world rankings and had lost my direct qualification for the Olympics in London”, Maze said.

Last year the Danish International had surgery to repair his cartilage in his right knee in Gildoj Clinic on 12th September 2010.

Taken from The Danish sports director, Peter SARTZ selected Kasper STERNBERG, Jonathan GROTH, Allan BENTSEN, Mikkel HINDERSSON, Mie SKOV and Wendy AGERHOLM to play in Rotterdam.

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So TableTennisDaily members, what do you think? What effect does this have on the WTTC 2011. Will Maze make a come back, as he did in 2009 winning the European Championships!
says Where will table tennis be in the future? And what ideas...
says Where will table tennis be in the future? And what ideas...
Oct 2010
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Good decision ob both parts obviously he had to do it and it was the logical choice. Will be interesting to see how well he competes when he returns, especially at 2012 because he has already made a come back and won European Champs in 2009 so this will give him a huge mental advantage and he will be more likely to make a similar impact on return like the 2009 European Champs if not possibly an even better improvement as he will have a been there done that attitude when training to return to top match fit form.