Sanwei Dragon Dance

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Hi everyone! First time posting here. I'm just starting my EJ journey and I've been quite interested in having myself an inner carbon blade. I've been a fan of Sanwei, and this blade caught my eye. I saw this on Ali Express and chatted with the seller. Apparently this is Sanwei's version of Hurricane Long 5, with compostion of Limba, Ayous, ALC, Ayous with ratings of Off++. Seller said that this is also harder than Hurricane Long 5.

Does anyone have experience playing with this blade? According to the seller they are very limited since Sanwei focused on developing their Expert Carbon series. Let me know what you guys think. Thank you!

EDIT: I'm just gonna buy this since seller says that there's only one blade left. I will post a review soon about this. 🙂
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I highly doubt its really Off++. A lot of sellers just say that as marketing.

HL5 is marketed the same way, but its quite soft and not too fast.
I agree. Chinese PingPong's customer service mentioned to me that it is fast among inner carbon blades but not as fast as an outer carbon blade.
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Off++ sounds like a speed daemon. That alone would make me hesitate…

Considering the Sanwei CC is Off+ :p and is useable by advanced beginners? Those speed ratings aren't really something to look into too deeply :) It's just a way to roughly classify speed and is quite an imperfect measure - there isn't really a better way right now since the industry has adopted those ratings as standard.