Service practice time?

Hi, there's a question I've been curious about for a while: during a practice session of e.g. 2 hours, when is it more effective to practice my serves? I usually allocate about half an hour for them, but should I do it in the beginning, when I'm still not warmed up? In the middle? Or after the main session, when I'm most tired?
says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
says ok, I will go back and make sure you have access. Be...
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Nov 2010
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I used to do it at the end.
says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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Dec 2010
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Any time. Practicing at the beginning gets you to have the touch for spinning more heavily. Practicing at the end would mean you are warm and have felt the touch of the ball well already so you would likely be able to generate more spin.

Practicing serves in the middle would take the warmth you have and let you add the touch of spinning so that when you go back to regular practice you have the refined touch of spinning for serves to add to your practice. Change which one you choose consistently.
Thanks a lot. I will shift the timing, I really liked the idea of a warmup with some serving practice. In some video I saw a suggestion to emulate a real match for some service practice - e.g. to do some jumping jacks or rope skipping exercises to get your heart beating at 100+ rate and then practice the serves for a while.
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Oct 2017
I always did it for a few minutes before the training, after setting up the tables in my club.