Sharara: Tuners banned by 2016

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Oct 2010
The ITTF know players are boosting and using tuners as players even talk about it. However there is nothing the ITTF can do at the moment. here is an interesting article by the Huffintonpost. When speed glue was banned,

Sharara said players started to look for another way to gain advantage, using nontoxic substances known as boosters or tuners. They're not banned – largely because the ITTF has yet to find a way to detect what are mostly oil-based substances that may give "about 85 percent of the effect of speed glue."Read full article here...

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May 2011
He recalled the strange behavior of Jan-Ove Waldner, the 1992 Olympic singles champion from Sweden. Many still regard him as the game's greatest. "He played in the Olympics wearing the same shirt and never washed it," Sharara said. "When he went to receive the medal, they told him he had to wear a clean shirt."
Sharara said the filthy pullover is framed in his office. Still unwashed.

The same shirt? What kind of shirt changes coulour? So much BS in that article...

Sharara should leave, before he ruins the sport even further.