Short loop and soft touch

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Oct 2022
Hi guys, thing is I'm bad at doing things in the table in the forehand (forehand short). Lots of times, I try to reach to loop, smash or touch the ball in the table, it will rather go outside or land stupidly high for the opponents to counterattack. I lost a lot of points in many situations like that (I feel like l losing a game because I made tons of unbelievable mistake not because the opponents were better, I'm too rushing maybe?). My blade is Viscaria super alc, FH: H3 Neo 41, BH: D09C. I feel like when I'm in the mid-long, long distance, I am able to do a full stroke, right technique, the ball will go dangerously, low arc, on the backhand short I can do lots of backhand flip, flick effectively (nothing wrong with this aspect)
Should I wait a little bit for the ball to come out or try to close the racket angle when contact?
Also, how can I play effectively soft touch with this blade? I feel like when I'm not guiding the ball by hitting the racket through the ball or holding and going with the ball(drive), the ball will just pong into my racket and easily go outside the table (racket kind of dead feeling). I do practice push and chops inside table.
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says Lin yun ju is my favorite player
A blade like the super viscaria alc as you mentioned doesn't have great touch potential, but does have good forehand looping and supposedly as i have heard great control, so i think the problem is that you are not correctly judging the spin on the ball. You may also have too big of an action causing you to hit out, try and focus on controlling the ball rather then killing the ball with one stroke. You can practive short touches with a friend for further improvement
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Jan 2021
Loops on short balls are hard, you don’t have a lot of marginal keep practicing. And yes if they are not powerful enough they are easy to counter and since you already is close to the table you are vulnerable for a counter attack so try to direct them towards your opponents BH most of the time.

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Jul 2017
My practice partners like to hit balls at an extreme angle. If they hit to my back hand, I am screwed but if they hit to my fore hand I can loop the ball from below the table back at an extreme angle or to the near corner. It just takes practice or missing a lot of balls to get it right.