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During the World Championship Chengdu Games, there was a phone call from the Table Tennis Kingdom Editorial Department. " There is a camera that shows YouTube and TV games in a horizontal position. That's hard to see. I want you to tell the right person."

During the tournament period, and when I was broadcasting WTT before that, many voices saying "Please stop the side position of the camera" appeared on SNS. Tele East seems to have made a video from the right back with its own switching, but in the video distribution such as YopuTube, which was flowing around the world, the main position was horizontal. In other words, the video made by WTT is based on the horizontal position.

The camera angle in the horizontal position is really hard to see.

Why does WTT adopt a "horizontal position camera" that is unpopular with the general audience?

WTT, which advocates the "creation of the value of new table tennis", probably wants to change the concept of traditional table tennis broadcasting. I'm trying to change the table tennis table, floor and fence from blue or red to black to create a stylish atmosphere. Some people say that this colour coordination is easy to see, but it is also true that the player's complexion becomes dull when you upload it with photos and images because the black of the base and the floor reflects on the player's face. ( If you look at the video of WTT so far, you can see the bad complexion)

In addition, the main video taken from the back of the table tennis table for decades has also changed the camera from the side to the main. I understand the challenge as a new idea, but it can be said that he ignored the knowledge of the broadcaster who shot table tennis for many years.

Why is it hard to see the side position?

The movement of the eyes can't keep up because the speed of the ball is fast. And when I try to put both players in the camera frame, the ball looks smaller in order to shoot from the position where the camera was pulled. In the fast rally on the left and right due to the ball that looks small, it is difficult to chase the ball with your eyes.

On the screen such as the world tour of the previous ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), the camera was in a very high position and tried to put both players in the frame. The ball moves up and down on the screen, but it is chased by the eyes. The distance travelled of the ball going up and down on the screen is smaller than the size of the movement of the ball on the left and right of the screen. However, the position of the camera was too high.

During this tournament, during the planning of TV Tokyo's "Table Tennis School", we chatted with Mr. Hayabusa Mizutani (Tokyo Olympic gold medallist) while watching the game and broadcast it live.

At that time, Mr. Mizutani said, "I want you to stop the side position. Even if the ball is not visible for a moment in the player's body, a low camera position from the back is the best," he said. I agree. The position is the most powerful of table tennis.
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