Slice 40

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says Sorry for the downtime, site is back up and running 🔥
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Oct 2010
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Jul 2020
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Donic Slice 40This was one of the first rubbers I used when I started playing again about 3yrs ago.1.5mm sponge on Backhand. Mounted on a Stiga Def Pro Blade.During practice and play I did swap over the Slice 40 to FH to get a feel for FH strokes.Even though this is a pretty slow rubber, good speed can also be produced when you put the effort in!!This rubber can produce high spin levels and when cleaned is very grippy, needs to be kept clean during play.Control is this rubbers forte, great for close to the table blocking, crisp and precise. Short game is excellent and due to the v grippy surface good spin can be imparted on pushes etc.Chopping is really very good!! Again good control and high spin when needed. Spin variation can be fully utilised as well.Counter Attacking is another strong point, this rubber can be easily used for counter top spins and punch shots, very active blocks etc.If you feel inclined to open up top spin v back spin, then no real issues there especially for slow spinny openers!! Generally top spin is pretty spin loaded although not fast as far as speed is concerned.If you are a player that has a mixed spin and control oriented game with a defensive bias, comfortable to chop, block, attack when necessary and prefer inverted rubbers then this would be well worth trying!!