Slower VS401

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I am here for advices of you guys please. I am looking for a rubber that shares the sames specifics of the VS401. I really like that rubber but I do not like the tensor effect that’s why I want to try something slower but still capable for looping. My game is defensive away from the table. I am playing this rubber on my forehand in 1.5mm on a inner carbon flexible blade.

To resume :
- great chopping ability
- a “defensive” linear (non tensor) rubber.
- elastic rubber
- sponge hardness around 45
- ability for looping is very important even if it’s slow
- good for blocking
- great control

I hope among all the rubbers that exist there is something that would suit my demand. Otherwise I was thinking to try a Tackiness chop 2 that may be a good replacement.

Thanks for the advices.
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