Stiga Clipper CR vs Stiga Allround Classic Carbon?

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I've been using the clipper CR for a year now and yesterday my uncle got an allround classic carbon blade. I gave the classic a try and it feels weird.

My impressions. Firstly the blade feels too light overall but imagine i could get used to that, but the main reasons is the handle, compared to the clipper CR, the classic feels too thin, and feels like it's more suited to a smaller hand, such as a child or a womens hand, as opposed to mine (23 y.o male). Because of the handle being thin and also the shape of it, it also means changing from forehand to backhand i need to adjust my grip more than i would with my clipper CR. And naturally when i'm holding the classic it almost feels as if it'll fall out of my hand completely.

I don't know, maybe i'm just used to the blade with a thicker handle.

Does anyone else who use the allround classic have thoughts on this? How do you use this with a bigger hand?

I suppose the blade is very good by the popularity and ratings but i'm not sure why


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Nov 2017
If the only differences you feel are wight and handle then it's easy to explain;) Basically all blades wight from 70 to 120+ grams with most of them fitting into 80-90g range. Then one rubber can easily make 10-15g difference as well (sheet of super-light rubber can be 40g while super-heavy tensor can be 80g, when cut it's less but still can be 50% difference) final blade and rubber assembly typically fit into 160 and 200g range with mean around 180g. And even average player can easily notice differences bigger then 5-10g.

When it comes to handle sizes then Stiga has two flared types (Master and Legend) so difference between these should be noticeable to almost every hand.
1 Clipper CR is 7 ply, weights usually between 85-105g ( very few are less than 85 or more than 105) Allround Classic Carbon is a 5+2 usually between 80-90g. (some even less then 80g)

2 handle, as JST said, stiga has Master and Legend FL handle. that is one difference.

3 thickness. Clipper CR is normally 6.5-7mm while Allround Classic Carbon is normally 5.5-6mm. So even they are same master or legend handle, you will feel differently because of the blade thickness difference.
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says Spin and more spin.
says Spin and more spin.
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The times I felt the Allround Classic Carbon, I did not like how it felt. But it had nothing to do with the handle. The weight was not an issue for me either. Even though it felt way lighter than what I like in my hand.

On contact, the wood in the Allround Classic Carbon just did not have good feeling. It felt muted and I did not feel like I could get as much bite into the ball or as much spin as with many, many other blades.

The handle and the weight are something you would get used to if you used the blade for 10-15 hours of training provided you don't go back and forth between two very different setups. If you spent a few months getting used to the smaller, lighter setup and then tried the Clipper again, it would feel bulky and heavy. And then if you played with it for a while, that would change.

But that dull, muted feeling that the Allround Classic Carbon I tried possessed, I would not want to get used to that. :)
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