STIGA Cybershape Wood CWT Review


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now


says TTD Team vs PingPod out now
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Hey guys! Here's our latest equipment review on the new Cybershape wood blade and looking at the new Custom Weight Technology (CWT) from STIGA. Let us know what you think of this new CWT, where you can change the weight of your blade using weights in the bottom of the handle!

Grab 15% off the new CWT Cybershape wood and Cybershape Carbon blade over at STIGA today using the discount code: TTD15 Sale ends March 31st 2023 🏓
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Jun 2022
Great review guys!

Did I understand correctly you used the non-CWT in the first half of the video? I'm curious if the non-CWT blade is top-heavy like the Carbon Cybershape is.

As for the CWT version, at which weight did you get the sensation that the balance was no longer in the head of the blade?
The balance is like this (from top heavy to balanced)

Cybershape CWT without weights > Cybershape CWT with 3g weight > Cybershape CWT with 6g weight > Cybershape (non-CWT) > Cybershape CWT with 9g weights (most weight on the handle)
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I think they could be more open about sponsored content and instead review some equipment that better suit the bulk of their viewership. Great blades like Donic Appelgren, Nittaku Acoustic and even things like Buttefly Petr Korbel. They could also be more scientific about it and compare rubbers in the way they perform when a robot sends the same ball to it etc.
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Nov 2013
I have an oldish paddle, I think made by Gambler, called Black Whirlwind, that had a weight in the handle you could move up and down with a little key attachment. Was supposed to change the center of gravity - weight close to the end of the handle was different than when the weight was close to the paddle surface. I could never tell much difference, but it was a pretty neat gimmick. Must not have worked, as it has been discontinued. You are right, I like that type of innovation.

Maybe you could review the Wingspan blade if you can get your hands on one.