Stiga Defensive Pro vs VKMO

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Jul 2020
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Never used the VKMO, but, I do have a Stiga Def Pro.

It's a very nice blade, definitely for the modern defensive player who likes to attack as well. You can loop well with it, has enough speed, especially when closer to the table, looping from further away and it's obviously going to be harder work!!! But this is going to be the same for any defensive rated blade!!
Chopping was good, I'm not a defensive chopper, I use inverted rubbers, but was fairly comfortable chopping with this blade.
I haven't used this blade for a while now, from memory it has Friendship Battle 2 Provincial Blue sponge on FH, I could produce good spin with brush loops and more powerful FH topspin drives had enough speed. I see you use Tenergy 05, so speed will be much better!!
When I tested T05 I found I really liked T05 for FH chops (not used on a Stiga Def Pro)!!! so I would think that you would be able to really mix things up with your FH if that's what you like to do.

Please bear in mind that I am an intermediate level player, maybe lower intermediate!!! and that everyone is different when it comes to reviewing equipment.
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