Stiga DNA Platinum XH vs H on forehand

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Trying to decide, which version of the Stiga DNA Platinum rubber to use on my forehand with Stiga Cybershape Carbon.
And I'm only choosing from DNA Platinum rubbers, it's sort of a gift for me from another person, who can get his hands on those very cheap.

I used to play with Butterfly Dignics 09C and Dignics 05 on Super ZLC blade, and, although 09C had harder sponge, I had no difficulties with any of the rubber at all. However, 09C lacked "tensor catapult" effect to a larger degree, at least it felt to me that way, and maybe that's why I could control it so well. Even though 09C sponge is harder, people tell me that DNA Platinum XH would still be faster, because of that "tensor catapult" kick present in DNA Platinum.

My first go-to idea was to use H on forehand and M on backhand. One of my clubmates already had M on his Cybershape (his forehand rubber was Donic hybrid) and was kind enough to let me play with his blade for one training session. After testing I've found out that M version is too soft for me even on backhand, so I've moved to H for backhand.

I can't test H or XH on my forehand, because no one in my club owns any of those rubbers, and, since it's the Cybershape I'll be using, it would be almost impossible to sell any rubber I would try if it doesn't work for me
Going H on forehand would be the safest bet, however, there is a lingering fear/regret that I could get more from XH if I were daring enough to try it. At the same time, XH could prove too fast and hard for me, and that would be a giant waste of money.

So, long story short, what would be the better option? Get H version to be safe, or be risky and try XH version?