Stiga hybrid wood NCT

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Apr 2022
Hi there I've been searching hi and low for a similar blade to stiga hybrid wood NCT.
+ Description
- Dynamic and very powerful 9-ply blade - Designed for the modern attacking game with powerful topspin shots
- Excellent from mid-to far away from table
Tremendous control and feel despite the high speed features - The NCT allows you to hit the ball harder without sacrificing any control
- A wery large sweetspot

The negatives is splinters easily if not sealed properly and it's smaller headsize.

Stiga themselves recommended me to try out the stiga infinity vps but that wasent even close to my good old stiga hybridwood nct.
I'm not looking just for stiga but would like to have some recommendations what would be close enough and I'll take it from there.

Myself I'm a semi aggressive player, like to play more European style and play mod-far from table.
Strongest is my forehand loops and backhand loops and smashes.

Want a blade with alot of control but also speed and pair it with something similar to what I'm used to.
Played tenergy 05fx and 05 for sometimes now.
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