STIGA Mantra Soft, Medium & Hard Rubber Review

i tried mantra m in the club by a friend. liked it very much even it was a little hard for my opinion. want to try s version since i'm a player with not so good technique :cool:. anyone who can recommend the best place to buy rubbers on the web?
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Sep 2014
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just got my two mantras i ordered from tabletennis11. anxious to test them tomorrow at the training. hope it can be good for my spin game

mantra rubber.jpg
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May 2015
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Tom is still sticking to Genesis. I am using Genesis on the Forehand and Mantra M on the backhand. I like this combination.

That sounds as if it could be a good (and cheaper) replacement for the CNT standard setup H3NEO/T05.
Smart move by STIGA!
I think STIGA rubbers would get a big image boost if the STIGA sponsored players like FZD and XX would use that setup too, especially at official events.
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