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Jan 2012
my friends, suddenly i've realised that we are about to see the wordl's most exquisite show of sportswomen and sporsmen in the world.

suddenly i've noticed that we are about to experience the most finest quality of techniques and efforts on every sport discipline

suddenly i've realised that i was like 8 years away from table tennis and now i can't stop

suddenly i feel like i'm really far away from london and i will wake up anytime that's needed in order to see who is playing, and follow the whole match

suddenly (again) i feel like sometimes is a crapy thing to know that i am living in a country that doesn't help elite sports people

suddenly i'm in love (besides of my beloved wife and my about-to-be-born son) of this really incredible sport

i have so much suddenly's more to share, but i think i've made my point

i wanted to share this with you because i've seen (or i think i have seen him) ma long on first row chineese federation (right after my lovely country) and i've remembered how you guys helped me on trying to apply for implementing a table tennis federation here at the city council

thank you people!!!

let's enjoy this INCREDIBLE show of the greatest sportspeople on earth (and sometimes beyond the milky way hahahaha)