Super ZLC blades and best rubbers

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May 2022
Hi everyone,
I'd love some equipment advice from more experienced players.
I'm trying to set myself up for the coming season as best I can and have been testing various combinations of wood and carbon blades. I've come to the conclusion that I do want a really fast carbon blade because at my fairly average level I can win so many instant points that way with my forehand. My backhand loop is still a work in progress but my blocking and driving on the backhand is very accurate. I also need really aggressive spin on my serves as at my level I win a lot of points on serve or third ball.

I've tried a few setups but I have room to try one more over the next couple of months and can't resist being tempted by the Super ZLC blades.

If you were picking a Super ZLC blade with two rubbers for a very attacking game that allowed some neutral/defensive play on the backhand and which allowed a mainly aggressive style up at the table but with room occasionally to retreat and hit from deep what would you go for? The obvious starting point would be Zhang Jike Super ZLC with some form of Dignics either side - perhaps 09c BH and 05 FH.

But very grateful for any thoughts or steers. It's fun to confuse yourself in the off-season....

Best wishes and thanks to everyone on all these boards for such interesting and helpful posts.
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Aug 2021
Super ZLC - Boosted H3N on FH - Dignics 05 BH.

Hurricane is regarded as the better offensive rubber, with stronger spin capability. Dignics is regarded as faster rubber and better defensive rubber.
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